[We're making it happen. Together.]We’ve collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about #MORELIBRARY.

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The #MORELIBRARY campaign began in the fall of 2013 as a way to raise awareness about the need for improvements to the UBC Okanagan Library. It also functioned as a feedback mechanism for the campus community to provide their input on what MORE they wanted for their Library. To date, #MORELIBRARY has received over 700 responses about Library spaces, services, and collections. Add your voice at the #MORELIBRARY website.

What is the “Library Levy”?

In a UBCSUO referendum held on October 29 and 30, 2014, 85% of voting students voted to support a project that will more than double the size of our existing Library (more information about the project is available here). Students approved a $70 annual student levy, applied to student fees as $35 in each of the two winter terms. In student accounts, this shows up as the “UBC-O Library Levy”.

What are students saying about #MORELIBRARY?

Lots! We’ve heard about space, technology, furniture, collections, and services from over 700 students. The common theme in all of the responses has been MORE. Students want more space, more technology, and more services. See our infographic summarizing the first 400 responses and follow along on Twitter using #MORELIBRARY.

What is the Library doing with #MORELIBRARY submissions?

We listen! When we receive a #MORELIBRARY response, we read it over carefully and compile it with other submissions. We then do our best to address any concerns. For example, numerous #MORELIBRARY respondents asked for whiteboards in the study rooms and we made that happen. Space was a large concern for #MORELIBRARY respondents, with over 77% asking for more study space. To help with this, the Library adjusted floor plans to add 128 seats, including large group tables and individual study carrels. See our infographic to learn more about the changes we’ve made as a result of #MORELIBRARY feedback. The Library is also sharing the #MORELIBRARY feedback themes with those at UBC who can help facilitate more library space for students.

Why don’t we have more library space on campus?

The Library building was built for a student population of 3500. We currently have a population of almost 8400. Renovations and updates have been made to the Library to add additional seating; however, there is little else to be done to increase space. Even with renovations and changes, there is still only 1 seat in the Library for every 13 students. An extensive building project is necessary to increase library space on campus.

Will UBC be expanding the Library?

Thanks to the vision and financial commitment from students, UBC is proceeding with plans to expand the library space on campus.

When will construction of the new Library begin?

At UBC, building projects must go through a number of stages including funding; consultation and engagement; plan reviews; project approvals; construction; and finally project completion.

At this point, we are at the funding stage. Backed by the powerful message that students are helping to fund more learning space, UBC will be approaching donors and other contributors to raise the remainder of the project funding.

If the necessary funding and approvals are in place by the end of 2015, there is a possibility that the construction will begin in the next 18 to 36 months. Although it is too early in the process to confirm a construction start or completion date, we are hopeful that students will be able to occupy an expanded library within the next three to six years.

How much are students financially contributing to the new Learning Centre/Library space?

In a referendum held on October 29 and 30, 2014, students voted to support the project with a financial commitment of up to $10 million. Details on the UBCSUO’s contribution are available on the UBCSUO’s website.

Why are students expected to pay for a library expansion?

While the government was very involved in funding our campus build-out, resources for the library expansion are limited. Our campus must take the lead on funding to expand library space in the foreseeable future. Students had the vision and foresight to lead by making a financial commitment to the library expansion. Once realized, their vision for a library expansion will contribute to the academic success of students for years to come.

How much input will students have into the new library space?

All UBC construction projects go through a rigorous and lengthy consultation, planning and approval process before they begin. The construction of a new Learning Centre/Library space will be no exception. Students will have a voice throughout the project and the opportunity to contribute. Let us know what you’d like to see at the #MORELIBRARY website.

What would #MORELIBRARY look like?

Through your feedback, the Library has the potential to develop into the library of tomorrow with more space, more technology, and more services. The Library is constantly doing research and information gathering to look at potential improvements. For example, a team of library staff conducted a survey of recent library and learning centre developments to identify current trends, summarized in this report. From this research, as well as feedback from #MORELIBRARY participants, renderings of a potential library expansion were developed. As with all UBC construction projects, input from the campus community will continue to be sought throughout the process. Your feedback on both the report and renderings are welcomed at the #MORELIBRARY website.

[Renderings of a potential library expansion]


Why should I care about #MORELIBRARY?

Because it’s YOUR Library! The Library is one of the most popular places on campus. It doesn’t matter which program you’re in or what you’re looking for, the Library is open to and supports all members of the campus community. Open 110 hours a week, with over 685,000 visits a year, the Library is your place to study, meet friends, get help, and be your home away from home. We have access to over 1.7 million items (journals, books, DVDs, and more!) to support you in your studies and friendly staff ready to help you day or night. With your feedback and support, the Library can continue to provide and improve the spaces, technology, and services you and future students need to succeed at UBC’s Okanagan Campus.