What is the Student Library Advisory Council?

We are a group of students who are working to improve the library and communicate the needs of students to library management. Our members come from across campus and around the world. Each of us brings our experience, our enthusiasm for making change, and our ideas about what makes a library great, and together we make things happen.

What is the commitment?

We meet a few times per term. Because meetings are infrequent we cover a lot of stuff so it’s important not to miss them. At our meetings we work on bringing student ideas forward to library management, and we plan fun things to do! Each member is expected to come to meetings, and do their share of the work on the activities chosen by the group for the year. Because everyone does their share, it’s not a ton of work for any of us.

See our Terms of Reference below for more information.

How can I get involved?

It’s simple! contact Laura Thorne, Communications, Marketing, and Assessment Librarian, to join or to ask for more information:

What are the plans for 2016-2017?

Well that’s up to you! Each year there are new opportunities and the group has different interests. One event we do each year is a used book sale to raise funds for the United Way. In past years we have provided student input into the library’s first floor renovation plans, created a display to showcase library services and collections, supported our fellow students by doing a student success event during Exam Jam, and worked with a librarian to add some items to the library collection.

Bring your ideas and enthusiasm!

Student Library Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

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