Gift-in-Kind Donations FAQ

If you wish to donate books, journals, or other resources to the UBC Okanagan Library, please contact our Collections Librarian.

All donations must be accompanied by a signed Gift-In-Kind Information Form [PDF – will open in new tab]. Below you will find a number of answers to frequently asked questions about donating Gifts-in-Kind.

Does the Library issue tax receipts for gift-in-kind donations?

The University of British Columbia will issue tax receipts for items added to the library collection. The value of the tax receipt will be based on appraised fair market value. Titles not added to the collection will not be included in the appraisal.

Should I make a list of the books/items I wish to donate?

A list of titles is appreciated, especially from out-of-town donors. Lists are used to check against the library catalogue in order to avoid duplication and facilitate the issuing of tax receipts

Can review or instructor’s desk copies be appraised for a tax receipt?

No. Sample or desk copies will not be appraised for income tax receipt purposes.

Does the library accept textbook donations?

The library generally will not accept textbooks, but may do so at the discretion of the appropriate subject librarian.

How are donations appraised?

A librarian will appraise donations that have an estimated fair market value of less than $1,000. If the estimated value exceeds $1,000, a professional appraiser or agency will conduct the appraisal.

Am I responsible for delivering the donation to the library?

Yes. Please do not deliver donations to the library without prior approval. If necessary, special arrangements may be made to pick up the donated items.

What happens to donated books which the Library does not use?

The library reserves the right to dispose of donated material that is not added to the library collection. In some cases, arrangements may be made to send items to other libraries such as those on the UBC Vancouver campus, Okanagan College Library, or the Okanagan Regional Library. Items are also sent to Better World Books. Items in poor condition will be recycled.

Who do I contact about donating to UBC Okanagan Library?

For donations of gifts-in-kind, please contact the UBC Okanagan Library Collections Librarian.