Technology in the Library

Public Computers & Software

Computer Lab

There are 125 computers in the library. 28 are located in the Learning Lab (LIB111), and the rest in the open area on the main floor. All are available for student use during Library open hours. Software available.

An additional 6 computers with assistive software are located in the Inclusive Technology Lab.

To use the computers, log in with your Novell account: username: your student number / password: your birth date (MM/DD/YY).

Guest access is available to login to Library computers.

Printing, Photocopying & Scanning


There are three black-and-white printers, two black-and-white photocopiers, one colour photocopier/printer and three scanners located in the Library for student use.

Add money to your printing account by clicking on the “Pay for Print” icon on the desktop and then select the “Student Deposit” tab. Set your photocopy PIN under the “Change Details” tab. Learn more with step-by-step printing instructions.

Printing costs 0.07 cents for black-and-white and 0.40 cents for colour. All printers default to double-sided printing.

Visit the UBC Copyright Guide to ensure that you are copyright compliant.

Technology Support

Getting help at the Service Desk

Peer Technology Assistants are student employees at the Library Service Desk who provide peer technology help with computer lab technology including printing, wireless, and troubleshooting. They also provide peer support for Connect/Canvas and iClickers, MS Office products and assistive technology, located in the Inclusive Technology Lab.

For technical questions about online Library resources, visit the Library Service Desk or complete the Library Electronic Resources form.

Connecting: Wireless & Off-Campus Access

Other Technology: SmartBoards, STAR Rooms, Digital Screens, Whiteboards and More


SmartBoards are available in two group study rooms: LIB 223 and 225. SmartBoard kits are available for borrowing at the Library Service Desk.

ConCap Rooms

  • Video Conference & Collaboration Space Room 125 (hosts 7 – 12 persons)
    Our specially designed user-friendly video conference and meeting space is perfect for connecting with stakeholders, collaborators and resource specialists on premise or across the globe. Instructions for Room 125.
  • Automated Video & Sound StudioRoom 123 (hosts 1 – 2 persons)
    This easy to operate, intimate video and sound recording studio can be used in a variety of ways to capture your message with clarity and professionalism. Perfectly designed for the creation of video and voice over media related to research and development, promotion, story telling, teaching and learning support and much more. Studio 123 Instructions.
  • Digital Media Suites5 Mac stations
    These Mac stations are equipped with production software for video, motion graphics, images, web, graphic design and digital book development. The programs included iMovie, Final Cut X and Creative Suite 6, which includes: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dream Weaver and InDesign.

TVs  with VGA Connections

The following library group study rooms have TVs with VGA connections: LIB 121, 122, 215, 217, 219 and 221.


All Group Study Rooms on the second floor have whiteboards. Whiteboard markers and erasers can be borrowed at the Library Service Desk.

Other Technology in the Library

  • Bloomberg Terminal – located on the 2nd floor
  • Microfilm Reader  – located on the 2nd floor
  • Optical Machine Reader – provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, located on the second floor