Formatting Information

The College of Graduate Studies and Centre for Scholarly Communication collaborated to produce the following webcasts on Formatting the Thesis and Using Microsoft Word to Format Large Documents.

Formatting Your Thesis: Meeting UBC’s Okanagan campus requirements
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Using Microsoft Word to meet Graduate Studies Formatting Requirements
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Intellectual Property

The Centre for Scholarly Communication and the Office of Research Services collaborated to produce the following webcasts on Intellectual Property topics, including best practices for academic citation, patenting your research, publication permissions, and the issues that arise from corporate sponsored academic research.

Introduction to Intellectual Property
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Academic Citation Practices
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Retaining Your Copyright

This will apply if you are publishing a chapter of your thesis, or if you wish to publish material from your research in more than one location.

UBC Permission to Use Copyrighted Material Forms

SPARC Author’s Rights Information

Using the SPARC Author Addendum to secure your rights

Other Resources for Graduate Students

College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies provides essential information related to all aspects of graduate studies.

UBC Okanagan Library

The UBC Library advances research, learning and teaching excellence by connecting communities, within and beyond the University, to the world’s knowledge.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at UBC’s Okanagan campus promotes and supports excellence in teaching and learning. In addition, the Centre provides graduate students and teaching assistants with professional development opportunities.

University of British Columbia Press

The University of British Columbia Press has an international reputation for publishing high-quality works, particularly in the area of the social sciences.

Scholarly Communications @ UBC

“Scholarly communications” is the process by which scholarship is produced, supported, managed, and communicated, and includes all those involved in supporting the life-cycle of scholarship. For more information, visit Scholarly Communications @ UBC.