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Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Should I require my entire class to use the Writing and Research Centre?

We welcome instructors encouraging their students to come to the Writing and Research Centre, but we do not recommend obligating an entire class to come as a course requirement or for extra credit. Such requirements may strain our limited resources and this practice can result in unproductive consultations.

However, feel free to refer individual students to get writing support by downloading and filling out the WRC prescription for writing success form form.

If I shouldn’t require a student to visit, how can I encourage visits?

We encourage instructors to include a statement in their syllabii encouraging students to visit the Writing and Research Centre to get feedback at any stage of the writing process (see below).

In addition, our consultants can provide a brief overview of the Writing and Research Centre to your class at your request. E-mail wrc.ok@ubc.ca or phone 250-807-9185

Do you have an example of information about the Writing and Research Centre that I can add to my syllabus?

Feel free to copy or customize the following statement:

The Writing and Research Centre is for all writers, not just for those who need “extra” assistance; all writers can benefit from having a reader look over an assignment to determine how they can strengthen their ideas and focus. Even very experienced, published writers need feedback. The Writing and Research Centre’s consultants (in LIB 237) can work with students at any stage of the writing process, from planning and drafting to editing and polishing strategies. Our consultants work with undergraduate students from every department on any type of written course assignment or presentation. For more information, please visit the Writing Centre website or call 250-807-9185.

My students are working on a group project. Can the whole group come in for an appointment?

Yes. Students may book a group consultation if they are working on a group assignment.

Can I link to your page or use your materials (online presentations, writing handouts, workshop descriptions) on my Connect Blackboard page?

Feel free to utilize or link to any materials created by our Writing and Research Services staff, but you may need to request permission for materials from other institutions that are linked to our site.

I’m not a writing teacher, but I’d like to incorporate more writing in my courses. What advice can you offer?

Advice about writing instruction varies based on its purpose and context: general, discipline specific, or writing across the curriculum. E-mail wrc.ok@ubc.ca or phone 250-807-9185 if you are interested in consulting about incorporating, designing, or revising writing assignments in any field or discipline. For an introduction to incorporating more writing into your course, the following resources are excellent: