French & Spanish Appointments

WRC Policies for Undergraduate Students’ Language Consultations

Booking a Language Consultation Appointment

  • Book an appointment online
  • Choose the Language Services schedule for booking a language appointment.
  • Please note that language consultants only meet with students during booked appointments.  They are not available for drop-in consultations.

Missed Appointments

Due to our limited resources, if a student misses 2 consultations, without cancelling 24 hours in advance, they will be blocked from the online booking system and they will not able to make in person appointments for the rest of the semester.

Editing and Proofreading Assignments

Because a student’s work must be their own and they are still in the process of learning the mechanics of their additional language, the consultants will not directly edit, proofread, or write on a student’s work. Consultants will focus on asking questions to help the student better understand their work and find solutions to the errors that are present in it. They will assist students with understanding the following:

  • how to use reference tools effectively (textbook resources, dictionaries, conjugation books, etc.), particularly in order to access the grammatical concepts needed to rectify specific language errors present in the assignment,
  • the language’s sentence structure,
  • the spelling conventions of the language,
  • punctuation.

Upper-Level Language Courses

For upper-level language assignments and research papers, the consultants may also help with:

  • understanding an assignment,
  • developing a draft,
  • clarifying an argument,
  • organizing the paper,
  • writing effective sentences,
  • building beneficial writing habits.

Working on Speaking and Pronunciation

Language consultants may assist students in improving their pronunciation for in-class presentations and recorded oral assignments. Consultants will not allow their voice to be recorded, however, they can:

  • Model specific words for the student,
  • Read the assignment aloud for the student and have the student repeat after them,
  • Give pointers to improve the pronunciation of specific sounds,
  • Give pointers to help improve the flow of the student’s speech.

Discussing Marks

Language consultants will not provide advice about a mark that an assignment might achieve. They will also not discuss a mark that an assignment previously received.

Test Preparation or Take Home Exams

Language consultants are not permitted to assist with these types of assignments unless the Instructor contacts the WRC.

Preparing for a Consultation

To make the most of your time:

  • Book well in advance to ensure a consultation time.
  • Bring assignment sheets or instructions and any prior feedback from the instructor.
  • Bring the document with you – either printed or on a laptop (or other device); to avoid possible viruses on our computers, please do not bring your document on a USB.
  • Because time is limited, bring questions about your major concerns to focus the appointment – particularly if the document is long, it may not be possible to fully review it.
  • Be prepared to actively learn, and to do the mental work to understand the difficulties that you are facing in your learning. The consultants will guide you to the information that you need and guide you to answers, but they will not simply give you answers.