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Student Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Writing and Research Centre for all UBC Okanagan Students?

It is a free service available to all undergraduate students! If you are a graduate student, post-doc, or faculty member please visit the Centre for Scholarly Communication.

How can the WRC assist me?

We can help you articulate your ideas and research in a range of subject areas and scholarly genres. Consultation topics may include:

Essay Writing, Grammar, Presentation Skills, Punctuation, Essay Structure & Style, Thesis Development, LPI, Course Work, General in-Class Essay Strategies

Where is the WRC located?

We are located in LIB 237. Enter through the north doors facing the Fipke building and head up the stairs to the third floor classrooms.  Go through the doors on the 2nd floor landing.

Will the WRC consultants proofread and edit my paper?

No! The writing consultants are here to assist you with the writing process from beginning to end. We will show you the techniques to improve your writing whether it may be in style, grammar, punctuation, conciseness, thesis statement development, or other areas. Our goal is to help you understand and edit any common writing issues you may have and to ensure you can spot and avoid these issues in the future. In some cases, you may want to come back a couple of times just to discuss one paper!

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring a printed copy of your assignment or bring your laptop to work on. It’s also important to bring in any assignment description or marking rubric, so that your consultants can understand your instructor’s expectations. Please do not bring your assignment on a thumb drive; also, WRC consultants cannot print your paper for you.

Is it necessary to book an appointment for the WRC?

Essentially, yes.  During the busiest times of the semester, all WRC  consultants can be booked in advance.  Hence, it’s better if you book online ahead of time. You can also check appointment availability online at any time and drop in to LIB 237 or wait until the next tutor is available, but typically appointments need to be booked in advance.

What should I do if no appointments are available?

At some points in the semester, the WRC’s calendar can fill up as much as two weeks in advance. If you cannot find an appointment time that works for you, here are your options:

  • Sign up for the wait list.  If an appointment opens up, you will get a text message (if you have provided your email address).
  • Try to be seen as a walk-in. Come to the Writing and Research Centre at the top of the hour to see if a consultant is available.  If someone else fails to show up for his/her appointment, you can claim that slot. If everyone who is scheduled shows up, however, you will not be seen.
  • Use WriteAway (UBC’s online writing support service).

When can I start using the WRC?

Now! Book an appointment online right away.

Is there a fee to use the WRC?

No, it’s free.

Can I get help with test preparation or take-home midterms?

While the consultants can provide general tips regarding test preparation, it is not possible for a consultant to provide any other type of exam preparation support.  If professor wishes to grant special permission for this kind of support, please have them contact the WRC at:

Can I get help with a group assignment?

Yes. For small group projects of 2-4 people, one student may book an appointment for all group members. However, it is essential that the individual booking the appointment to be present for the session. Due to lack of space, large groups should book separate appointments.

Can I get help with my resume?

No. Because the Advising and Involvement Centre provides expert support for writing resumes and work related cover letters, the WRC will not review these documents. This will help ensure that WRC appointments can focus on supporting the academic needs of students.

Who are the consultants?

The consultant team is composed of upper-level undergraduate students and graduate level students from all disciplines who have strong backgrounds in academic writing.

How many appointments a week can I make, and how long are the appointments?

You may use the WRC for up to four 25 minute sessions per week or two 50 minute session per week.

Can I use my laptop or cell phone during the appointment?

You can use a laptop during your appointment, but the use of cell phones, except in case of emergency, are not permitted during a consultation.