WRC Policies

The following policies were created to focus WRC resources on students’ academic needs and to maximize institutional resources.

WRC Policies for Undergraduate Students

Maximum Number of Consultations

So that the WRC is able to meet with as many students as possible, each student may book up to 100 minutes of consultations per week (e.g., a combination of two 50 minute appointments or four 25 minute appointments). Students must book appointments under their own account (never under another student’s name); students are permitted only one account. Appointments booked under another account will be cancelled; additional accounts will be deleted.

Group Projects

  • For small group projects (2-4 people), one appointment may be booked for all group members. However, it is essential that the individual booking the appointment be present for every session.
  • Due to lack of space, large groups should book separate appointments; the group can be no more than 4 individuals per consultation.

Missed/Late Appointments

  • Due to our limited resources, if a student misses 2 consultations, without cancelling at least 8 hours in advance, they will be blocked from the on-line booking system and they will not able to make in person appointments for the rest of the semester.
  • To maximize our resources, if you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you may forfeit that time if there are students waiting for drop-in appointments.

Editing and Proofreading Essays

Because a student’s work must be their own, the WRC consultants will not edit, proofread, or write on a student’s work.  Instead, they will assist students with the following:

  • understanding an assignment,
  • developing a draft,
  • clarifying an argument,
  • strategies for organizing materials,
  • presentation strategies,
  • understanding editing techniques and effective sentence structures,
  • and building beneficial writing habits.

Discussing Marks

WRC consultants will not provide advice about a mark that an assignment might achieve. They will also not discuss a mark that an assignment previously received.

Citation Support

Because the Library already provides expert citation support at the front desk, the WRC consultants will not review citations during consultations, which will help us maximize available resources.

Résumé Support

Because the Career Services in the Advising and Involvement Centre provides expert support for writing resumes and work related cover letters, the WRC will not review these documents.  This will help ensure that WRC appointments can focus on supporting the academic needs of students.

Test Preparation or Take Home Exams

While consultants can provide general tips regarding test preparation, it is not possible for a consultant to provide any other type of exam preparation support.  If the professor wishes to grant special permission for this kind of support, please have them contact the WRC at: wrc.ok@ubc.ca.

Preparing for a Consultation

To make the most of your time:

  • Book well in advance to ensure a consultation time;
  • Bring assignment sheets or instructions and any prior feedback from the instructor;
  • Bring the document with you – printed or on a lap top; to avoid possible viruses on our computers, please do not bring your document on a USB;
  • Because time is limited, bring questions about your major concerns to focus the appointment – particularly if the document is long, it may not be possible to review the entire document.