Survey 2010


In 2010 we surveyed all UBC Okanagan students and faculty.  The survey ran from January 25th to February 12th and we received 1539 valid responses.  To see some of the ways we have acted on the results please visit our page detailing improvements since the 2010 survey.

Incentive prize:

Congratulations to Keddi-Anne who won the iPod Touch that we gave away as an incentive prize.  

Response Rate:

 Subgroup  Respondents as a Ratio of Those Surveyed  Respondents as a Percentage
 Undergraduates  1304/5686  23%
 Graduate Students  116/474  24.5%
 Faculty  119/382  31%
 Overall  1539/6542  23.5% (19.5% in 2007)

Quantitative Results:

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), who host the survey, analyze and package results into booklets for participating libraries. In general the results can be grouped along three broad question categories, or dimensions:
1) Affect of Service (AS) – comprised of nine questions that gauge how well our users perceive that library staff are doing their jobs in terms of willingness to help, being courteous, and being knowledgeable.

2) Information Control (IC) – is a dimension made up of eight questions that measure how well the library provides access to information resources, both in electronic and print formats.

3) Library as Place (LP) – is a group of five questions that ask how conducive the physical set-up of the library is for studying, learning, and research.

The following figures reflect aggregate scores for the questions that make up these three dimensions.  The exterior bar (light grey) indicates the range of minimum to desired means scores.  The top of the interior bars (orange) represent how our users perceive that service.  If the orange falls below the grey then we are not even meeting minimum expectations. 

General Satisfaction Questions Comparing 2010 and 2007 (1-9 rating)


 Undergrads  Grads  Faculty
Questions  2010  2007  2010  2007  2010 2007
I am satisfied with the way in which I am treated at the library. 7.7  7.6  7.7 7.8 7.9 8.1
I am satisfied with library support for my learning, research, and/or teaching needs. 6.9 6.9 7.0 7.6 7.6 7.4
How would you rate the overall quality of the service provided by the library? 7.1  7.1  7.2 7.6 7.7 7.7


Qualitative Results:

Another rich avenue for data that is not included in the ARL booklets and therefore must be analyzed separately, are comments that participants choose to leave.  Of the 1539 completed surveys at UBC Okanagan, 828, or 54% included comments.

Affect of Service:

Generally, our users (especially faculty) are pleased with the service they get from UBCO Library staff.  This is reflected in the above Figures as well as from many of the comments:

Doctoral student in the social sciences: “I love the librarians! They are the friendliest people on campus.”

An associate professor in the FHSD remarked: “Over time, the best, consistent, friendly, reliable and creative service offered on this campus. The number of times I have seen the staff go out of their way for both faculty and students astounds me, particularly as you can see their jobs grow over time. Their patience is so much appreciated! Thanks.”

Information Control:

Looking at the above Figures it is quite evident that our users think that we can do a much better job at “information control.”

A Masters in Fine Arts student wrote that “there are so few up to date resources for my discipline of performance. I am constantly ordering resources from other libraries, a difficult and unsustainable situation, that shows no hope of remedy. I still cannot believe my program exists based on the poor, poor selection of books, journals and AV materials covering the recent literature in the field in the library. It is a sad situation.”

An assistant professor in the humanities wrote “in teaching my courses, it’s frustrating when important works are on reserve at UBC Vancouver and unavailable for loan to UBCO.  So it’s important that acquisitions be made to have our own copies at UBCO.”

Library as Place:

Similar to Information Control our users feel the Library should be doing a much better job with the physical space.  Our users (especially undergraduates and graduate students) scored us particularly poorly on two questions, whether or not the library is a space that inspires study and learning, and whether we provide sufficient space for individual activities.

A third year student in the social sciences wrote “the UBCO library is the WORST library I have encountered. There is so little quiet study space provided that one has the sense that the University does not care about its students, and that it is only interested in increasing its student body size, and not accounting for this population in its building designs and policies.”

Third year student in applied science wrote “while the University continues to expand faculties by putting up new buildings, they have forgotten that there are already 10x too many people for the size of the library. Study rooms are impossible to book, computers are never available and most frustrating, one cannot even find a personal cubical to use a laptop in or do homework… Expand the library if anyone wants the University to be taken seriously – it’s a joke.”

For more information please contact:

Robert Janke
Survey Project Manager