stART the Conversation

stART the conversation is a wall dedicated to temporary exhibitions of works of art that might be deemed controversial.

While we want to be mindful of different levels of comfort amongst the members of the university community, we place these works here to inspire viewers to engage in unrestricted consideration of a variety of types of art and the issues they articulate.

In the spirit of open, respectful and inclusive discussion, we invite you to comment on these works of art and to provide suggestions for future installations. Please send an email to with your comments and suggestions.

We will be posting the comments we receive and our replies on this page as they come in.

Currently up on the stART the conversation wall:

Nadine Bradshaw
Title: Nadine
Date: 2013
Size: 87.6cm w X 105.4 cm h; 34.5″ w X 41.5″ h
Category: Painting

About the Work:  Prosopagnosia is a cognitive disorder in which a person’s ability to recognize faces, even familiar ones, is impaired even though her other visual processes function normally. A sufferer can compensate for the problem by developing a “piecemeal” approach in which individual, fragmentary cues are “added up” to trigger face recognition. Although artist Nadine Bradshaw is not intentionally illustrating this phenomenon, it seems very much to work that way. Bradshaw originally intended to pursue a degree in psychology, and her artist’s statement shows that she brought her interest in mental health with her into her Fine Arts studies. She “continued to explore questions . . . about mental disorders through paint and new media,” she wrote. “She is inspired by how internal mental health [affects] . . . one’s ability to connect to moments, spaces and others.”