Accessing Print Materials

While the Okanagan Library is physically closed you can still request print and AV material from our collection. See below for instructions.

Our contactless pickup service will: retrieve and sign out materials for you from the UBC Library collection and make them available in a locker in the Commons building.

How to place your request:

  1. Find your item of interest in the Catalogue.
  2. Click the “Get It” link (formerly labelled DocDel). In addition to requesting access to library material you can also request that chapters or single articles from print journals get copied (subject to copyright restrictions) and delivered to you by email.
  3. Select your home branch / pick-up location (Okanagan Library Service Desk).
  4. Check your email for confirmation that we have received your request.

How to pick up your requested item(s):

  1. Your books will be signed out to you ahead of time and placed in the lockers on floor zero of the Commons building (lower Fitz Hall).
  2. When your item is ready, we will send you an email with the locker number and combination.
  3. Come to campus, visit the lockers on floor zero of the Commons building (lower Fitz Hall). The Commons is currently open from 8am-8pm seven days a week.
  4. Unlock the locker using the combination provided.
  5. Enjoy.

How to return your item(s):

  • Place your item(s) in the book drop at the South entrance of the Library.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get material?
Delivery times will vary depending on if you are requesting Okanagan or Vancouver material. We will do our best to fill your request as quickly as possible. At this time staff are only on site a few days a week (M, W, and F). Your patience is appreciated.

How long is the loan period?
All items will be loaned out until September 14, 2020.

Can I get material from the Vancouver campus?
Yes. The Vancouver campus is beginning their material pickup service July 6, 2020 and material should begin shipping to the Okanagan soon after that.

What protocols are you following to ensure my safety?
Our staff are following safety protocols outlined in our Safe Work Plan. Commonly touched surfaces (e.g. lockers, handles, keypads) are sanitized after each use. All items leaving and returning to the library complete a mandatory quarantine period (see below).

Do I need to disinfect the items when I pick them up?
No, all materials are quarantined for at least 24 hours before they are place in the lockers. All items that are returned to the library also complete a 24hr quarantine period. This 24hr quarantine period attempts to strike a balance between research that reveals that the SARS-CoV-2 virus remains viable up to 24hrs on cardboard and up to 72hrs on plastic in experimental conditions with recent guidance from the BC Center for Disease Control and the BC Ministry of Health which suggests that there is “no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via textbooks, paper or other paper-based products” (p. 5).

Additional questions?

Please email