Thesis Formatting Service

Please note: due to summer vacations, no Thesis Formatting contracts will be accepted at this time. The Thesis Formatting Service will resume September 1, 2020. Links are available at the bottom of this page for thesis formatting resources and the thesis template.

What is the Thesis Formatting Service?

The Library and the Centre for Scholarly Communication, in collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies, is offering a Thesis Formatting Service to all graduate students. The service respects the academic purpose and integrity of the thesis writing and submission process and includes services such as:

  • Formatting of tables of contents and lists of figures, tables, and illustrations
  • Formatting of margins, line spacing, indentation, title pages, page numbering, and headers and footers
  • Text formatting, including styling headings, case corrections, and pagination
  • Alignment of tables, graphs, charts, and figures

How can you use the Thesis Formatting Service?

Graduate students who wish to take advantage of this service must:

What happens next?

Library staff will:

  • Perform a component review
  • Format the document to conform to the specifications provided by the College of Graduate Studies
  • Flag third-party material lacking copyright permission statements

When you pay the fee in full, the reviewed and formatted thesis will be released to you via the UBC Workspace 2.0 Self-Service Portal.


If you have further questions about the Thesis Formatting Service, or require additional information on the scope of the service, please email

The College of Graduate Studies has also created several additional resources to help you format your thesis: