Technology Borrowing

Please note: because of concerns regarding COVID-19 the library is no longer lending this technology as of March 16, 2020.

The Library offers a number of items that are free to borrow for UBC students, staff and faculty with a valid UBC ID card. Key things to know in advance of borrowing from the Library:

  • All items must be returned in-person at the Library Service Desk.
  • If items are returned late, fines will be charged. If items are lost, late fees and a replacement fee will be charged. There is no¬†advance booking or renewals for technology.
  • UBC Okanagan Library is not responsible for any damage to any device that might be caused by the use of items borrowed from our collection
Item Type Details Loan Period Fine Rate
Adapters Dell USB-C
Micro DVI to VGA
Mac Mini Display Port to VGA
Mac Mini DVI to VGA
1 day $1/day
Chargers Android charger
Dell 90W
iPhone charger (5/6/7)
Mac 60W MagSafe1
Mac 60W MagSafe2
Mac 85W MagSafe2
4 hours $1/hour
Electronic Accessories Computer Mouse with USB
USB (8G)
1 day $1/day
Electronic Accessories in the Inclusive Technology Collection Headphones, Earmuffs, CD/DVD player with USB, Portable speakers, Listen Display Receiver 7 days
Ergonomic Equipment Laptop stands, mice and keyboards 7 days
Headphones Headphones 1 day $1/day
Laptop (check availability) Dell E6440 & Dell 3490 3 day $35/day
Laptop (check availability) Dell E6430 3 days $35/day
Office Supplies Calculators
Whiteboard Marker Kits
SmartBoard Kits
1 day $1/day