International Students

UBC Okanagan Library is committed to providing dedicated support to international students to ensure that all students have welcome_imageaccess to the collections, space and services that will best support them in their studies.

The topics listed below are in alphabetical order. If you have suggestions about what MORE the Library could do to support you in your studies, please let us know!

Language Display Options:

  Many of the Library databases can be set so that the screen instructions display in different languages. Within the Library databases, look for options to choose your preferred language. Ask at the Library Service Desk if you have questions about how to change these settings.

Summon, the Library’s general search engine for articles and books allows you to change the display language in the top right corner of the Advanced Search screen

Library Service Desk:

Ask questions anytime about research, citations/bibliographies, and how to find information for your courses and assignments. Library staff are happy to help you find the information you need to succeed in your courses. You can also borrow books, laptops, cameras, calculators, mac adaptors, DVDs, magazines and course reserves.

Library Terms:

Libraries use many unique words. The American Library Association has produced a great glossary of terms translated into six languages. They have also produced a guide to definitions.

Library Tour:

Take a virtual tour of the Okanagan Library
Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin

A huge thank you to the students who volunteered to narrate these tour videos.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for students to provide subtitles for our tour video in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese and Urdu. These languages represent the largest language groups of international students on our campus.

Library Research:

The Library provides Research Guides on every topic taught at UBC – these guides are designed to provide a starting point for conducting research in a discipline. Every faculty has a dedicated librarian, who is happy to meet with students to provide one-on-one research help. Librarians teach classes on how to conduct research in different disciplines; all first year English classes include a library orientation. Askaway is an online chat service where you can get help from a librarian.

Newspapers Online:

The Library has a subscription to Press Display which currently includes more than 2,000 titles from 100 countries in 56 languages. Stay up to date on the news at home! Login with your CWL if you are off-campus. Additional newspaper sources are listed on the Newspaper Research Guide.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity:

The Library works with students and professors to ensure that there is understanding around the topics of plagiarism and academic integrity. Many international students benefit from taking a few minutes to view online resources that explain what these terms mean at UBC.

Staff Training:

As part of the Library’s commitment to supporting international students, all library staff are provided with professional development opportunities focused on providing service that meets the needs of all students at UBC.

Student Jobs:

The Library hires three categories of student employees: Learning and Technology Assistants (LTAs), Pages and Writing and Research Consultants. All jobs are posted through Career Connect. All UBC Okanagan students are welcome to apply.

Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC):

Each year the Library works with a group of students to improve the Library and communicate the needs of students to library management. All students are welcome to join SLAC!

Useful Links:

International Programs and Services