The UBC Okanagan Library will play an important part of your undergraduate degree experience. From searching our UBC Library collections, to getting citation, research, and writing help, we are here to support you in your academic work.


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UBCcard is your Library Card

Your UBCcard is all you need to gain access to the Library. Simply sign up for your UBCcard and you’ll automatically have access to many UBC Library loans and services. Please note that UBC Library loan regulations apply to card use. Your CWL can be used to book study rooms.

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Find A Study Space

The Commons has a variety of unique learning spaces. While study rooms can be booked, there are many open study spaces in the Commons to explore.

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Use the Search Tool

Need help searching the UBC Okanagan Library collections or website? Start with the blue How to use search button below the search bar on the main page. You will find search tips, learn the difference between the search tabs, and discover other features of the search tools.

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Course Reserves

Your instructor can make learning materials available to you through the Course Reserves service. These materials may include links to electronic articles and websites, or information about books and DVDs that you can borrow from the Library.

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The Swipe to Print and QuickPrint systems are easy to use from wherever you are in the Commons.

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Connect from Anywhere

Connect to UBC Library’s resources from anywhere! To get instant access when off-campus, all you need to do is start your research from the UBC Library web site.

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Citation Style Guides

While the most common citation styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago, there are many others. We encourage you to confirm with your instructor which style you should use. Citing your sources properly and ensuring that your writing cannot be considered plagiarism is essential in academic writing. Find citation resources in our Guides and Services section.

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One-on-one support

The Student Learning Hub is your one-stop-shop for math, science, writing, and language support. Located on the second floor of the Library in LIB 237, the Student Learning Hub will help you build the skills, strategies, and behaviors that are essential to become a confident and independent learner.

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Subject Librarians support students by providing research consultations by email and by appointment, as well as through teaching research skills within your classes and in workshops.

Explore our Research and Research & Citation Help pages for research support services.

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Library employees are prepared to answer your questions or refer you to an appropriate resource by the end of the next workday or sooner.


What can I get help with?

Citation assistance
Help with citing sources correctly

Research assistance
Help with finding and evaluating university-level sources for your assignments, research papers, and projects

Borrow items for free
The Library lends books, journals, magazines, DVDs, and more for free to everyone with a UBCcard. Library policies apply.

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