ALERT: The records vault will be closed as of March 20, 2020 and will remain closed indefinitely. Access to records will be unavailable during this time.

The Records Management Team supports campus units in meeting best practice in the care of their departmental records.

Using a risk-informed approach, we can assist campus units in reaching and maintaining compliance with University recordkeeping policy and provide strategies that make record organization and retention easier and more comfortable.

Working together under UBC Policy GA4, UBC Okanagan and Vancouver records management professionals develop policy and procedure around key topics like digitization and preservation of digital records.

The UBC Records Management Office maintains:

Retention Schedules 

Policies and Guidelines

Training Modules


Records Storage

The Records Management Team at UBC Okanagan can provide a storage solution for inactive University records. The Library’s vault, situated in the lower level of the Commons, provides secure space for confidential records. Services include:

  • Consultation on classification and retention
  • Inventory control of records to the box level
  • Monitoring of disposition dates
  • Secure shredding services

In a partnership with Central Mail and Receiving, the Records Storage Program may also be able to provide pick up and delivery service of your boxes. Our service standard is to resolve deposit and retrieval requests within five (5) business days. 


Digital Readiness Projects

We can assess and provide advice on improvements to the management of electronic records in departmental shared drives. Using standardized classification and functional folder structures, this process can result in the development of customized documentation that supports:

  • Clear naming conventions
  • Filing and disposition rules
  • Security profiles

Digital readiness projects are collaborative, and success depends on available capacity to implement recommendations. Digital Readiness Projects typically take 12-18 months to complete. 

Contact Us

For Records Storage Requests:

Stephanie Plumb, LSA-Records
Phone: (250) 807-9824

For Retention Advice and Digital Readiness Project Requests

Paige Hohmann, Archivist
Phone: 250 807 9716