Arielle Lomness

(She, Her, Hers)

Interim Associate Chief Librarian, Research and Collections

Library Services
Other Titles: Subject Librarian
Office: LIB 246
Phone: 250.807.8410

Courses & Teaching

Subject Librarian for: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, Physical Geography, and Social Work. Currently covering for Education July 2023 - June 2024.


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MLIS University of Alberta, 2013
BA University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, 2011

Selected Publications & Presentations

Journal Articles

Dow-Fleisner, S. J., Lomness, A., & Woolgar, L. (2022). Impact of safe consumption facilities on individual and community outcomes: A scoping review of the past decade of research. Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health2, 100046.

Graham, J. R., Woodmass, K., Bailey, Q., Li, E. P. H., & Lomness, A. (2022). Organizational change in human service organizations: A review and content analysis. Human Service Organizations46(1), 36-55.

Babando, J., Quesnel, D. A., Woodmass, K., Lomness, A., & Graham, J. R. (2022). Responding to pandemics and other disease outbreaks in homeless populations: A review of the literature and content analysis. Health & Social Care in the Community, 30(1), 11-26.

Lomness, A., Lacey, S., Brobbel, A., & Freeman, T. (2021). Seizing the opportunity: Collaborative creation of academic integrity and information literacy LMS modules for undergraduate Chemistry. Journal of Academic Librarianship47(3), 102328.

Lacey, S., & Lomness, A. (2020). Better together: Assessing a leisure reading collection for an academic and public library partnership. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 46(1), 102023.

Book Chapters

Berringer, H., Gattrell, J., & Lomness, A. (2015). Special collections at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus library: Expanding our community’s access to local history. In Okanagan History: The Seventy-Ninth Report of the Okanagan Historical Society (pp. 106-113). Kelowna, BC: Okanagan Historical Society.

Published Conference Proceedings

Lomness, A., Smith, D., Tiessen, R., & Zeoli, M. (2021). Print and e-books: How are strategies – for libraries, publishers, and distributors – driven by the current necessity of online access? In B. Bernhardt, L. Hinds, L. Meyer, & K. Strauch (Eds.), Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2020 (pp. 113-127).

Janyk, R., & Lomness, A. (2020). Primary Rights and the Inequalities of E-Book Access. In The Time Has Come… to Talk of Many Things. Proceedings of the Charleston Library Conference, 2019 (pp. 132-139). doi: 10.5703/1288284317156

Armstrong, S. D., George, E., Lomness, A., & Taylor, S. J. (2017). We’re on a roll: Transforming e-book acquisitions in a shifting budget landscape. In Roll With the Times, or the Times Will Roll Over You. Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2016 (pp. 303-308). doi: 10.5703/1288284316462

Ishida, M., Lomness, A., Taylor, S., & Vis-Dunbar, M. (2017). Science Literacy Week: Building partnerships through a passion for discovery. In Dorothy Barr (Ed.), Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas, Proceedings of the 43rd IAMSLIC Conference. Retrieved from

Lomness, A. (2016). Going local: Creating unique and special collections in an academic library. In B. R. Bernhardt, L. H. Hinds, & K. P. Strauch (Eds.), Where Do We Go From Here? Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2015 (pp. 188-193). West Lafayette: Purdue University Press. doi: 10.5703/1288284316253


Arielle is currently responsible for coordinating the Library’s collections activities, including:
> acquisitions of new content
> maintenance of the existing collection
> gifts-in-kind


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