A globally respected university that ranks among the world’s top 40. And a place where you can find your place.

Each year, we seek to admit an outstanding group of applicants to join our community in exploring their research interests while helping to create new knowledge, understanding, and expression. Our students access scores of courses, laboratories, libraries, and institutes as they build connections with outstanding and creative peers, faculty and staff.

We hope that you will consider joining us at UBC.

What makes US special?

  • Top Global University

    The scholarly activities of our students and faculty help keep UBC among the world’s top universities.

  • Close-Knit Learning Environment

    UBC’s Okanagan campus offers a connected space for learning and collaboration in a stimulating and supportive research environment.

  • Real-world Experience

    Student-led research projects that impact and change how we live are integral to UBCO academics. You just need to bring your passion and drive.

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Our Program Offerings

Undergraduate Programs

(BA and BSc)

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Graduate Programs

(MA, MSc, PhD)

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Certificate and Diploma Programs

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“When I came here everything changed. I made some pretty great friends. I loved what I was learning. I found love and I got to experience so many firsts. And it was because of the support from the people on this campus… that allowed me to accept who I was.”

Blake Edwards, UBC Alumnus
& former UBCSUO President


Financial Support

UBC provides financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries to students to help them realize their academic goals.


Housing & Dining

Live in one of UBCO’s nine residences that make up our four housing communities.

Housing & DINING

Aboriginal Programs & Services

Aboriginal Programs & Services provides culturally appropriate services and support to First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.


International Students

International Programs and Services provides advising, transition services, and programs for international students.

International Students