Happy New Fiscal Year!

On April 1, we entered into Fiscal Year 2023. We, here at Okanagan Records Management Program, would like to wish you a Happy New Fiscal Year! Perhaps there aren’t any fireworks or champagne, but we extend an invitation for you get rid of your financial records that have fulfilled their retention responsibility.

When the fiscal year changes, financial records that have reached their retention (7 years) can be disposed, as per the official UBC Records Management Office retention schedules.

Are you unsure if it’s time to destroy your financial records? Do you need somewhere to store your records until they reach their retention? Is your tiny paper shredder overwhelmed by the volume of records that need to be destroyed? The Okanagan Records Management Program can help!

Records Manager Michael Stewart can advise you on matters of records classification, retention, and disposition. Under the Library’s custodianship, your physical records can be transported into our secure storage vault by Central Receiving and Mail, and even your digital records can be securely transferred to a digital repository using the Records Management tool “Move-It”. Once your financial records are in the custodianship of the Records Management Program, we enter the items into our database and track the retention for you. Once the retention period is over, any paper records that are approved for destruction can be placed into a shred queue for our next on-site visit from Shred-It.

Lastly, did you know that you can destroy physical copies of financial records after 90-days, as long as a digital copy has been properly uploaded in Workday? Financial records in Workday become the authoritative copy of a record, replacing the physical copy. For more on digitization standards and other similar instructional documents, please visit Policies, Guidelines, Best Practices and Standards.

Now that you have some ideas about how to alleviate your unit’s document load, get in touch with Records Management Assistant Stephanie Plumb to learn how you can make use of the Okanagan Records Storage Program’s services.