ITL Technology for Borrowing

The Inclusive Technology Lab (ITL) borrowing collection offers learning technology, software, ergonomic equipment, electronic accessories and headphones.

ITL Technology List

Learning Technology

Laptops & Software


photo of ITL Dell laptop

Read & Write Software

Available on computers in the ITL and on lending laptops.

Available for download on personal computers for current UBC Okanagan students. Email for setup details.

Watch this video on how to install and use Read & Write at UBCO.

Dell Laptops with case, VGA adapter and charger

Software available: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Kurzweil 3000 v14, Inspiration 9, Scrivener, and standard Library laptop computer software

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Video Magnifier​

video magnifier

ViSee LVM-300 Portable Digital Magnifier

This reading aide for low vision comes with a stand and has a 3.5 inch LCD screen. The device has the ability to magnify from 2x to 15x with color and inverse viewing modes. Battery holds a charge for 3 hours.

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Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Allows you to write and record written words as well as audio so you can download to a PC or Mac for later use and study. Features include a built in speaker, microphone, micro-USB connection, and audio jack for headphones. Live Scribe has ergonomic styling and a conventional pen tip.

Recommended video: Getting Started with a LiveScribe Pen

Echo Smartpen FAQ Website

Important Note: Can only be used with “Livescribe dot paper.” Notebooks and other products are available through the Livescribe website and through other retailers. 

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Reader Pens

reader pen

C-Pen Reader

Allows you to scan text by using the C-Pen like a highlighter, and read text aloud.

Recommended video: How to Use a C-Pen

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Voice Recorder

Photo of Olympus recorder

Olympus Voice Recorder 

This Olympus DM-720 recorder provides high-quality recording in meetings and conferences and in other situations. It plugs directly into a computer using a USB connection.

Watch this video on how to use OneNote and the Olympus Recorder at UBCO. Office 365 (including OneNote) is available to UBC students.

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Ergonomic Equipment

Laptop Stands

laptop stand

Laptop Stands 

Create an ergonomic space anywhere you study! Two styles are available.

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A series of ergonomic mice are available. Finding the correct mouse can be a challenge and the ITL collection offers variety to support a range of needs.

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Adesso Vertical Mouse

Adesso Vertical Mouse

With a curved shape,  this mouse allow for a grip position for the right hand.


Evolent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 

Works in a comfortable “handshake” position and operates with a soft reduced grip. The pointer speed can be easily adjusted from extra low to high, and includes programmable buttons.


Handshoe Mouse

Handshoe Mouse

Right hand and left handed handshoe mouse fits your hand as a glove would allowing for operation without griping, pinching, or stretching your fingers for complete relaxation. This mouse also features a thumb rest, and operates with light clicking.

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Logitech mouse

Logitech Performance Mouse MX 

This customizable mouse lets you navigate with your thumb, adjust the cursor speed, scroll sideways, and more.


Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse

Can be used with both the right and left hand and is designed for comfort while supporting the palm of your hand. Features include forward and backward buttons, and a large trackball for easy control of the cursor.


Penguin Ambidextrous Mouse

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Can be used with both the right and left hand to distribute repetitive actions throughout the day. Pointer speed is fully adjustable, and the upright design eliminates the need to grip the mouse and allows space for the thumb to rest.


wireless touchpad mouse

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

This touchpad’s large, glass surface lets you navigate smoothly and precisely. It has 13 customizable gestures.

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high contrast keyboard

Adesso Large Print Keyboard

This keyboard has large print that is four times the size of regular print. Its high-contrast yellow/black colouring reduces eye strain and assists those with visual impairment. The keys are low profile for quiet, quick response typing.


keyboard with curved pockets for typing

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard

Contoured keyboard has a comfortable tilt and separate thumb keys allowing you to enter, space, backspace and delete. The separate key well design allows you to minimize strain by placing your hands a shoulder width apart.


photo of split keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Adjustable Keyboard

Divides into two separate pieces allowing for complete body position control. Benefits of this compact keyboard include improved posture, reduced mouse reach, and low-force tactile key strokes.


curved keyboard

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

This keyboard includes a plush palm rest and hot keys for folders and web access. It has a naturally angled key bed with an ergonomic arc, and an accessible zoom feature for desktop enlargement

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Electronic Accessories & Headphones


Headsets are provided to facilitate the use of assistive software, specifically dictation. They are not provided for general headphone needs as students are encouraged to bring their own personal headphones.

Logitech USB H390 Headphones

Dragon USB headset

Logitech USB H390 Headphones

Comfortable headset with USB audio and a rotating, noise canceling microphone. Features in-line volume and mute controls.

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Dragon USB Headset

Made specifically for use with Dragon speech recognition. This headset offers a mono-ear cover (can be configured as left or right), an adjustable arm with microphone and connects via USB.

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Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

Cushioned over-the-head earmuffs for blocking mid-range noises.

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CD/DVD Player

CD and DVD Player

Portable CD/DVD Player

A Verbatim External Slimline CD/DVD writer that is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems and connects to computers with a USB drive. The power is provided by the USB port, so you don’t need a bulky power adapter.

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Listen Receiver

Listen Receiver


Listen Display Receiver with Headphones 

Assistive listening receiver with headphones gives the user ease of use with 3 preset frequencies. Features include good sound quality, easy digital tuning. View this list of supported classrooms including receiver channels.

Note: item has universal headphone jack for use with personal headphones.

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