SLAC Terms of Reference

The Library’s Student Advisory Council provides students, librarians, and library staff with an opportunity to work together to improve library services and spaces to better meet the needs of the campus community. The committee’s work will include exchanging information, engaging in dialogue about library issues, and working on projects together.

Through the Student Advisory Committee the library will get feedback from students about their experiences, get input on proposed changes, and communicate to the campus community.

Student Advisory Committee members will gain valuable experience creating, evaluating, and communicating about service and facility improvements in the library.

Specific tasks will include:

  • Give feedback about student experiences in the library
  • Facilitate library communication out to the campus community
  • Propose and implement projects
  • Participate in library planning activities
  • Communicate student concerns to the library


Undergraduate Services Librarian
Communications, Marketing and Assessment Librarian
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students


Attend 4 meetings per academic year (attendance at a minimum of 2 meetings per academic year is required for continued membership)

Participate in at least one project (with a group)


  • create a display
  • plan an event
  • improve an area of the library
  • information campaign to promote library services or resources
  • assist with getting student feedback about library services or resources