The library offers several options to integrate the library and information literacy instruction into courses. Below you will find out some details of what librarians teach, how we teach, and some general guidelines on bringing the library into your classes.

Student and librarian

What We Teach

  • developing research skills + strategies
  • citation support + management
  • literature reviews

Faculty teaching

How We Teach

  • customized workshops
  • guest lectures
  • co-led sessions
  • single sessions
  • multiple integrated or embedded sessions

In the classroom

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    Assignment Support

    Librarians can review your assignments, or work with you to design assignments.

  • Librarian helping student

    Research Support

    Subject librarians can collaborate on a range of subjects and services.

  • Librarian teaching students


    There are a variety of delivery methods for library instruction.

What does collaboration look like?

  • Integration into first year English classes and micro library instructional sessions
  • Integrated support in systematic review courses
  • Scaffolded research support within a department
  • Implementation of case based learning strategies

Library instruction can occur in a variety of ways depending on your goals including:

  • A single session ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Multiple integrated sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes per session

In order for library instruction to be effective it should be developed in collaboration between the subject librarian and the class instructor. Please consider booking a short meeting with your subject librarian to discuss library instruction that is appropriate for your class.

Here are a few things your librarian will need prior to instruction:

  • Preferred date and time
  • Assignment(s) + syllabi
  • Session goals, what do you want your students to get out of this
  • A date and time to meet to discuss above

Librarians can review your existing assignments, or work with you to design assignments that are:

  • Supported by the library collection
  • Scaffolded to break out research skills into manageable chunks
  • Meet the goals and objectives of the course

Librarian giving instruction


“I like to think of subject librarians as facilitators for access and integration of information, whether that is simply where to start a search, or doing a fully developed literature review.”

Sajni Lacey, Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian 

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Have questions about library instruction?

Contact Sajni Lacey, Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian.

Phone: 250.807.8190